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  • black currant herbal tea health benefits

    Black currant berry – turn this European staple into your daily diet awareness.

    Russian legacy – black currant bushes in every yard When I moved to the US 15 years ago I planted black currant bushes by the house right away. Then we moved, and the bushes came with us:-) Every garden in Russia have this woody shrub full of aromatic shiny tart berries. I remember picking them …

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  • cork oaks

    Cork purse future – it is better then leather

    I would like to transport you to sunny dry Portugal.  That is where the evergreen cork oaks grow, and constitute 28 percent of their forest.  Portugal and Spain are two major producers of this natural material.  It is endemic to Southwest Europe and northwest Africa. If we think about it, cork is used a lot: …

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  • Honey – the food of the gods

    Most of us have a jar of honey at home.  But do we know how beneficial it actually is? People used it since ancient times in Egypt, Rome, Greece, Slavic region, India and China.  It was called the food of gods, bringing health and longevity and it was the only sweet food known to people …

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  • Wild cherry cough syrup

    Collecting wild cherries During second part of August is a perfect time to collect wild cherries.  They can be a little dry and astringent when they are not completely ripe and therefore they are great for jam.  But what I discovered several years ago was even better: wild cherry cough syrup! If you have a …

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