Eating dirt? Bentonite clay miracles.

Why to eat dirt?

Once a year I try to do a cleanse that involves eating dirt:-) Or calcium bentonite clay to be precise. It is mined in the hills of Colorado and Texas, and purified for internal consumption. 

The Smectite family of clays, which includes Bentonites, are called “living clays” because of their ability to make chemical changes. Smectites are capable of both adsorption and absorption demonstrating an unusually high cation exchange capacity. 

This clay is weathered volcanic ash made up of a lot of trace minerals in their natural oxide form. 

Historical use of clay

People have used clay for centuries – Indigenous tribes, medicine men and it’s healing properties are also mentioned in the Bible. Native cultures of Andes, Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe consumed clay. They sometimes carried it in a ball, and used a reconstituted small amount in water to prevent any food born toxicity. It is now used by naturopaths, chiropractors, dentists, massage therapists, holistic healers and medical doctors. 

The living clay is tasteless, odorless, non gritty and comes from underground mine protected from the elements. It is milled to 325 screen mesh for a creamy smooth texture when hydrated. 

Going back to health

Why to use it? This clay can detoxify, cleanse, balance, alkalize, stimulate and energize. 

It is important to have a clean healthy body, do you agree? We look at perfectly healthy newborns, young children and admire their health, vibrancy and energy. We wish we could go back to that state. 

All the pollutants, viruses, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, parasites, toxins are mostly positively charged. And bentonite clay is negatively charged. So it works like a magnet and attracts all the things we want to cleanse from. Then it is safely removed through the bowels. 

Virtually all conditions can benefit from clay, from nausea in pregnancy or acid reflux to arthritis, memory problems, or gluten intolerance. 

Body PH

In our body we have a certain PH of the blood. Based on our current, not so ideal American diet, most bodies are very acidic, meaning that unwanted things survive in that environment better. If we use more greens, fresh and cooked vegetables and fruit, herbal teas, our bodies become more alkaline. Clay does further alkalizing, making us healthier.

How to use it

My favorite way to use it is mixing 1/2-1 teaspoon of the clay in a cup of water (cold or warm), stirred up until dissolved. I drink it first thing in the morning on the empty stomach. Eat 30-60 minutes later. It actually makes you feel full, so there is less hunger. I make sure I still drink PLENTY OF WATER during the day to assist clay with hydration and efficient pulling for the cleanse effect. I do it once a day for 3-4 weeks. 

I have no problem taking it, but some people find it hard to do at first. Just give yourself time to get used to it. 

If you have a stomach poisoning or flu, try the clay next time. 

Gluten Intolerance

I have recently read a study where people with gluten intolerances took bentonite clay to successfully cure the condition. My understanding that the roots of gluten problems come from over abundance of highly processed modern white refined high gluten flours, that literally glue our intestines “shut”. The lower part of our GI tract includes the small (1 inch diameter) and the large (2.5 in diameter) intestines. The small intestine is a long and narrow tube (3 times longer the the large) that connects the stomach to the large intestine. It is an enormous internal surface area due to the presence of millions of tiny “fingers” called villi, that are covered in “hair”, called micro villi. That is where most digestion and absorption takes place. The small intestine secretes the digestive enzymes and a sorts nutrients. The large intestines does not have “fingers or hairs”, it just absorbs water, forms stool and eliminates waste. It does have lots of friendly bacteria that helps digestion. 

So imagine those small hairs in the small intestine got cemented together from poor diet, the rate of digestion and absorption goes way down. Bentonite clay with enough water will break down the “cement” and free all those villi and micro villi to function properly, so body can once again become capable of digesting everything. In the study, people with gluten intolerances took clay daily for a year, completely clearing all the symptoms. 

Clay external uses

Clay can also be used externally in cases of any rash, allergy, sprain or strain, insect or spider bites, acne, infection and so forth. It needs to be hydrated to needed consistency and applied for a certain time, 10-20 minutes, to an hour or longer then covered in plastic to prevent drying out. I have read accounts of people saving their infected limbs by soaking them in a clay bath solution. Clay baths are wonderful too especially in oncological cases. 

Clay is reach in minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and potassium and supplies your body with them. Clay works with the whole body, every organ will feel the benefit. 

Bentonite Clay Toothpaste

I make natural bentonite clay herbal toothpaste that keeps the mouth healthy and clean, and provides minerals for teeth and gums. It can be found on my website at

The clay is perfect to take during pregnancy (especially for morning sickness) and/or breastfeeding, just drink plenty of water. 

This clay can be found at here in a 9 oz jar is the most convenient and will last you for a while…

6 responses to “Eating dirt? Bentonite clay miracles.”

  1. Tammy Hulon

    Have you found any information on helping with infertility in women?

    1. Yuliya Welk

      Yes, I have, Tammy! It take a personal approach and whole body assessment to figure out what particular dietary changes benefit each case, and what custom herbal blends will support and balance fertility…

      1. Chris

        Hey I have a question, That’s great about Bentonite clay helping with Gluten intolerance but does it also help with Celiac disease? I would like to know. Thank you

        1. Yuliya Welk

          I would try it and see. I feel like with Celiac, it is not necessarily the gluten that is the culprit, but the residues from grain production. Here in the USA grains are subjected to chemical sprays of glyphosate and other agents. So I would suggest switching to all ORGANIC ONLY grains, and reading the ingredients. Especially corn and soy, they are heavily GMO and sprayed. So once the bentonite clay cleanses the body off whatever things that don’t belong, then eating cleanly would be the next step to try.

  2. Pensky

    Hi I have tried bentonite clay very intermittently over the years but generally have been in v good health and forgot about it. Now in the last year I have developed a gluten intolerance and get severe cramp and diarrhoea if I eat even the slightest amount. Today is the first day I remembered bentonite and have taken it and will take it regularly. If it’s any help to anyone I will let you know what happens!

    1. Yuliya Welk

      Thank you for sharing, and yes let me know how it helps over time!

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