Matcha – green powder with the great power.

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a green goodness from the East. Grown and treasured in China and Japan these powdered tea leaves make a nourishing and cleansing beverage with the color of luscious green spring leaf. The leaves are stored in the shade, and then ground into a fine powder. 


The tea is boasting with important amino acids, vitamin C, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A. Boiling water is not used for brewing (cool the water for 10 minutes first), and the whole powder is consumed (as opposed to discarding the green leaves). So as a result the matcha antioxidant content is ten times more then a regular green tea and the taste is relatively mild and sweet.

Use it instead of coffee

I try to start my mornings with matcha. It gives us energy like coffee, and is perfect for morning or afternoon. Skip it in the evening, if insomnia is present. It can be used with milk, for a homemade matcha latte. The tea stimulates the brain, increasing the concentration and memory, and also restores calm. 

Great flush

It supports the immune system, relieves toxins, heavy metals, arthritic deposits. Also supports during weight management, and nourishes the beautiful and glowing skin. Matcha can be used with high cholesterol, and blood pressure to the benefit of balancing both. 


Add one even teaspoon of matcha in a cup. Add hot water (let the water stand after boiling for ten minutes before use). Stir, and whisk until frothy. Enjoy. You can add milk of your choice and honey or other choice sweetener. 
The organic matcha tea can be purchased in the tea section of Yulia’s online store.

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