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BirthWorks – Natural pregnancy and birth preparation.

I believe in natural birth and was inspired to educate other moms after two gentle water births of my own. I am a BirthWorks Certified Childbirth Educator and happy to share my knowledge and experience with you to help ensure you have the best possible pregnancy and birth experience.

If you are looking for high quality and personalized pregnancy classes, then schedule your private sessions with Yulia!

In BirthWorks, we believe that birth is instinctive and every woman has a natural inner knowing of how to give birth. In our classes we will show you how to find confidence and trust in your own body’s natural birthing powers.

The BirthWorks program offers unique emotional and informational support during pregnancy and birth.

Currently we are offering two options:

  • A private day class around Cable, WI location.  You can plan a weekend get away.
  • Hourly online Skype sessions.

Each session lasts about an hour. If you wish to get a full program effect it is recommended to purchase five hours. In this case, you will be awarded a BirthWorks Certificate of Completion that you can frame.

The following one hour sessions are available:

  1.  Exploring and working with your beliefs, emotions, feelings, expectations about birth. Developing trust in your body, exploring and letting go of fears. Using visual and art therapy for letting go.
  2.  Value of nutrition. It is possible to prevent pregnancy discomforts like high blood pressure or swellings, preeclampsia, heartburn and nausea with nutrition. Learn how.
  3.  Physiology of natural birth, role of hormones, natural birth movies, pelvic bodywork exercises. How to make sure the labor progresses and mom feels trusting and calm.
  4.  Optimal fetal positioning. How to ensure your baby is in the best position in preparation for birth. Perfect position will speed up the labor and make it more efficient.
  5.  Exploring and healing past experiences, traumas that might be influencing your upcoming birth. Letting go of things that bother you, will free up all this energy your need for peaceful birth.
  6.  Choices and alternatives: medical procedures, birth settings, your support team, VBAC choices, informed consent. Learn about real risks and what you can choose to make sure your labor and baby are in the best possible situation.
  7.  Birth visualization, lotus birth, after the birth, newborn care, breastfeeding basics, diaper free approach.
  8.  Choices about vaccinations and circumcision.

If you have any questions, please call 715-798-4240.  You can also visit www.birthworks.org

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Client Testimonial

My husband and I took Yulia’s classes when I was pregnant with Lily.  Lily is our first child, and we were looking forward to taking natural birth classes.

I highly recommend Yulia’s BirthWorks classes as they are a great alternative to a more conventional approach.  We covered a lot of alternatives that you would not normally hear in a regular childbirth class. We personally went through a lot of physiology, the role of hormones, things like optimal fetal positioning, that we would not otherwise have learned about.

It helped us a lot as we were set on having as natural a birth as possible, and as few interventions as possible.  Optimal fetal positioning is really important, it can help to ease the pain during labor, it would help to prevent inductions and even a c-section.  We went through emotional support, that helped me to have more confidence in my body’s natural design and I could understand how labor works a lot better.

Yulia apparently is very passionate and dedicated to natural birth and child rearing and we thought that she was a great instructor.   We also discussed newborn care, diaper free approach and other aspects of decision making after the baby is born.  She had a very gentle approach to all the options, and was very respectful of our decisions regardless what we chose.  We were very comfortable and happy to take these classes with Yulia.

Maria, Levy and Lily from Wisconsin.