About Yulia's Natural Products

The Founder

Our story

I am Yulia, a Russian native living with my husband and two homeschooled boys in the north woods of Wisconsin, USA for 20 years. We currently live off grid, with solar power.

I have a love for everything natural.

Living surrounded by the mighty pines, I am deeply connected to the earth and everything she has to offer. Things like fresh air, clean water, and nourishing herbs. That is how Yulia’s LLC products were born.

When I visit a big city, I hear my herbs whispering “please come back”, and I gladly do. At home, I can best envision, create, and produce something that is in tune with the environment while retaining the wisdom of our ancestors. My great grandmother, Aleksandra, was born in 1905, and she devoted all her life to working with herbs and people. She is my daily inspiration!

Natural & Organic Skincare Ingredients

I have very high personal standards of what ‘pure and natural’ actually means:

  • I grow and wild-harvest a lot of my herbs.
  • Most of the herbs are organic and organically grown.
  • The beeswax I use comes fresh direct from my uncle’s local apiary.
  • I only use natural and/or organic oils.
  • All of the essential oils used in my products are 100% pure.
  • I never use any petroleum by-products, lanolin, or synthetic fragrances.

Inspired by nature, I intrinsically enjoy and test all of my own recipes. Therefore, you can always be sure of the quality and freshness of my herbal products. They are the best for our skin, body, and the environment!

My innermost desire and dream is for everyone to have access to clean, safe, and truly natural skin care products. The things that we come in direct contact with are what (along with a healthy life style) ultimately shapes our health and strengthens our inner belonging to nature and the planet.

I use glass, metal, or cardboard bio-friendly containers that are ecological. Also, I am constantly looking for (and testing) new, traditional, and even vintage approaches to packaging and preserving.

Herbal Tea

I have a whole line of organic herbal teas. Some of them are hard to find. A good number of them I wild harvest, or grow. Besides regular peppermints, chamomile, elderberry, etc I make herbal blends that also include Lyme’s prevention, liver support, vitamin boost, calming, etc…(including power and capsule blends). I do also create custom blends that I formulate based on your body’s needs after we discuss that with you. Check out tea brewing items, like cups, or mesh for straining the loose tea material. You can read about some of the tea benefits in the blog.

Natural Birth

My husband and I believe in natural birth, and so we use natural approaches to parenting our homeschooled sons. After having two gentle water births, I was deeply motivated to share this beautiful experience with others. So if you are looking for natural pregnancy and childbirth preparation classes, please check out my BirthWorks page.

Textile Art

I have added textile art to my inventory. I carve the stamps by hand, creating the custom blocks and designs. And apply them on natural fabrics, like linen and silk. I have linen towels, linen cover note books, and linen and silk scarves. That is how the fabrics were made in the old days. It is so gratifying to bring those traditions back.

Slavic Background & Traditions

I like to preserve my Slavic background and traditions while sharing them with others, such as making Slavic textile dolls and holding educational workshops about herbs and edible mushrooms in our area. I am deeply interested in herbal teas and Slavic Body Practices/Psychology, and enjoy providing a range of services directly to keep me in touch with my customers and ever learning. As always, I will keep you updated through this website on new services, as well as products.

If you have any needs, comments, feedback or questions please email me. I love hearing from people, and I can even provide a free phone consultation if you need personal suggestions for your skin care and herbal needs. I hope you can find something for you, your family, and friends.


Order online and/or come to the Cable Farmer’s Market each Saturday from 9 to 1, starting end of May through the end of September.  Some of my products are also conveniently stocked at the Cable Natural History Museum in Cable, WI and at Gifts Gallery in Hayward, WI  (during summer months only).

Contact Us: [email protected]
P.O. Box 365, Cable, WI 54821