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  • lilac hydrosol
    Lilac Flower Hydrosol
    Steam distilled organic real lilac flower hydrosol skin toner! Limited edition, while supplies last. Perfect as cleansing face mist. Prevents breakouts. Perfect for any skin, but…
  • Black Cumin Suppositories
    Black Cumin Suppositories
    Organic 100% cold pressed black cumin seed oil suppositories. Vaginal or rectal use. Moisturizes, promotes soft tissues, prevents inflammation. Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, 100% pure…
  • vanilla extract
    Vanilla extract
    Yulia’s natural vanilla extract with pure organic Madagascar vanilla beans. Contains the vanilla pod seeds too! Made with grain alcohol. 4 oz glass bottle.
  • Body brush
    Body brush
    Natural boar bristle body wooden brush for dry skin body brushing and massage. Use before or after shower, to increase the lymph movement and skin…