Goldenrod – sunny fall beauty – our inspiration for coming winter

Goldenrod with Bees

This time of year we have pretty gold yellow goldenrod blooming all along roads, in the fields and meadows. It is one of my herbal favorites. 

You are not allergic to goldenrod!

Its pollen is not wind spread, so lots of seasonal fall allergies come from blooming ragweed, which is a short herb that many times grows near the goldenrod. 

 From head to toe

Goldenrod is rich in salicylic acid, tannins, saponins, quercetin, rutin, and bitters. 

If is so amazing that it can basically take care of you from head to toe. 

it takes care of scabs on the scalp, by opening up pores for clarification. 


It is used for pink eye or conjunctivitis as an eye wash, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Puffy eye in the morning is also an indicator for goldenrod. 


Next time you get a toothache, brew up a cup of goldenrod tea, hold and swish it in your mouth. Or virtually for any pain in the body! 

Native Americans used the leaves of the goldenrod for cavities, just laying it on the tooth for awhile. They also drank tea and chewed the leaves for sore throat, constricted feeling in the throat and congested nasal passages. 

In England this herb was even used to fasten loose teeth, so it is great for periodontal problems. 

Cherokee Indians used the root tea for fascial neuralgia by just holding it in their mouth. Use as tea or wash for acne.

Lungs and stomach

Goldenrod can also be used after colds, or flu, when there is left over bronchitis in the lungs. Also during fever. 

Goldenrod is great for colics, stomach cramps, UTI, Crohn’s, diarrhea, urinary and any other stones. It is a great friend for kidneys, stimulating and restoring them when there is an exhaustion after sickness, or stress, tiredness, heavy legs, back ache, wanting to sit instead of standing. It dissolves lots of kidney stones. 

Cat allergy

This herb is also used for syphilis, candida, vaginal yeast infections, and eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and herpes. It has been used for allergies, including cat allergy. 


Edema, swollen ankles and legs, leg skin sores, gangrenous and old slow healing wounds all benefit from goldenrod. Also it is useful as a first aid for burns, just lay a goldenrod leaf on the needed area. 


Astringent properties of goldenrod work with any kind of internal or external hemorrhaging, wounds, sores and insect bites. It is useful for gout because of diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Flowers, leaves, stems and root are used. I just dry the whole plant, cut it up and keep in a glass jars all winter. It has been spreading in Russia too, which makes me think that more people need to use it, and greatly benefit from this herbal gold. 

If you ever need it during off season, I carry it in my online store: Herbal Tea

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