• bee pollen

    Bee pollen tea – your new natural energy drink.

    This bee product contains 150 mineral and biologically active compounds, amino acids and vitamins.  It supports immunity, balances the eye sight, digestion, and cleansing function of the body.  How do bees make it? The bees make it by collecting plants pollen, from flowers to tree and bush buds. They ferment it and store for the …

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  • chaga


    Chaga (Inonotus obliquus). Black gold Have you ever walked in the woods, and noticed this black canker on the trunk of birch trees? It looks like black charcoal from the fire, growing on a tree with rusty brown color inside. You have found chaga. It is a fungi that grows on birch primarily, with some …

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  • Goldenrod

    Goldenrod – sunny fall beauty – our inspiration for coming winter

    This time of year we have pretty gold yellow goldenrod blooming all along roads, in the fields and meadows. It is one of my herbal favorites.  You are not allergic to goldenrod! Its pollen is not wind spread, so lots of seasonal fall allergies come from blooming ragweed, which is a short herb that many …

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  • Christmas Tree for dinner?

    Cut or not to cut? This year I had a dilemma. We had a chance to cut a nice fir from our own woods to serve as holiday decoration and inspiration. But I was hesitant. If million of people cut their trees every December, we have million trees less on our planet. The other choice was …

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  • black currant herbal tea health benefits

    Black currant berry – turn this European staple into your daily diet awareness.

    Russian legacy – black currant bushes in every yard When I moved to the US 15 years ago I planted black currant bushes by the house right away. Then we moved, and the bushes came with us:-) Every garden in Russia have this woody shrub full of aromatic shiny tart berries. I remember picking them …

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