• bee pollen

    Bee pollen tea – your new natural energy drink.

    This bee product contains 150 mineral and biologically active compounds, amino acids and vitamins.  It supports immunity, balances the eye sight, digestion, and cleansing function of the body.  How do bees make it? The bees make it by collecting plants pollen, from flowers to tree and bush buds. They ferment it and store for the …

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  • black currant herbal tea health benefits

    Black currant berry – turn this European staple into your daily diet awareness.

    Russian legacy – black currant bushes in every yard When I moved to the US 15 years ago I planted black currant bushes by the house right away. Then we moved, and the bushes came with us:-) Every garden in Russia have this woody shrub full of aromatic shiny tart berries. I remember picking them …

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  • nettles herbal tea benefits

    Nettle – spring tonic and a useful sting.

    Nettle. Stinging nettle. Why does it sting? Is it to protect itself from herbivores, or may be to serve humans? Here in Northern Wisconsin May, early June (before blooming actually) is a perfect time to collect nettles.  When I pick them barehanded, I don’t mind an occasional sting, it feels good, it feels medicinal.  In …

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  • Honey – the food of the gods

    Most of us have a jar of honey at home.  But do we know how beneficial it actually is? People used it since ancient times in Egypt, Rome, Greece, Slavic region, India and China.  It was called the food of gods, bringing health and longevity and it was the only sweet food known to people …

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  • Fireweed – Russian ancient traditions in your tea cup.

    Fireweed – what is in the name… I love when I start seeing beautiful pinkish-purple flower tops of blooming fireweed in August. Fireweed is a narrow alternate leaf plant from Evening primrose family, Epilobium Angustifolium. It loves to grow in burnt or logged areas in slightly acidic soil in full sun.  Sometimes you see it …

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  • Harvest Doll Class

    Keepsake Charm Doll Yulia loves making dolls. They are so inspiring. This time she is inviting you to her local class in Cable, WI.  We are going to create a Harvest Doll – a keepsake for the next year that will bring health and prosperity to your home.  We are going to use natural cotton …

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  • This is a prime time for picking fresh edible basswood leaves, or as it is called in Europe - linden. The leaves are nice light green and almost roundish shape. They are so soft and also feel very soft when you eat them. The taste is slightly sweet and very pleasant, they are not as crunchy as lettuce. Leaves are the best tasting when they are young. The older leaves are tougher and harder to chew.

    Basswood leaves for salad – that linden is delicious

    Basswood is a beautiful tree that provides us with its shade, wood, bark, leaves and flowers.  In Russia most of the wooden spoons and bowls are carved from its wood.  The fiber is so soft, people compare it to butter for the ease of carving.  People have used the bark for centuries for making ropes …

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  • Soap bar

    Using Shampoo Bars

    At Yulia’s we created two natural goat milk shampoo bars that will wash and condition your hair. This article includes more information and a video on how to use the bars as well. We get a lot of questions about how to use a shampoo bar. We have created this video: Click Here To View …

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  • Goat

    Our Goat Daisy and Her Milk

    Our goat Daisy gives us delicious milk. We use it to make wonderful creamy and gentle goat milk soap bars. They are a great choice for any skin type, especially sensitive one. The milk makes the soap lather well too. In our shampoo bars it adds a little conditioning. What is great is that our …

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