Sewing Weekend Retreat


Register for this event of handcrafting, fun and women’s circle and create a new dress by hand. If you know how to hold a needle and thread, that is all that is required! Choose no lodging, if you are local and would like to go home at night.


Do you need a fun creative time away, with a group of like minded women? Do you have some wishes in life? Do you want to become more sustainable at creating your own unique, healthy, natural clothing, that has your energy sealed in every seam?

This spring we are creating a 3 night/4 day weekend with that in mind, where we can focus on our own wishes, desires, play, sew, dance, draw, talk and have fun.

The spring is time for making wishes. With the new Nature’s growing season our wishes are easier to manifest. Sometimes we want something, but do not know how to get to it.

Marina Belilovski, a game educator, a speech therapist, practicing neurographic art therapist, the author of charity online educational classes “The basket of opportunities”.

She will join us from New York and lead us in transformational board game called “You Can”. This game will help us form our desires using our creativity, and we will take a whole hour focusing on that.

The board game is a field of four squares/doors (red, green, blue and black).

We would need to open the doors by answering questions on the cards. The goal is to get all the keys for making your wish come true. The unique part of the game is that your will be able to see your strategies for manifesting your wishes and realize how you use your resources and opportunities.

We will learn the tradition of creating beautiful,  sustainable and natural clothing (T-dress) with a protective cut in mind. We will use our own measurements without relying on the measuring tape or patterns. We will seal our desires and wishes in every stitch, using our hands and intentions. We will discuss how modern clothing went so far away from mindful and practical ways, and how to get it back to wholeness. After you wear your first dress for awhile, you will realize how comfortable, feminine, wise, full of energy it  makes you feel. It is like an all day long spa for the body.

With taking time to sew, you should be able to finish or almost finish your dress by the end of the weekend. Even if you only know sewing basics, you will be able to catch on and create something beautiful.

Marina will also instruct us for the neurographic session, where we will engage our brain neurotransmitters and gain insights for solving particular difficult situations through art. We will draw and redraw and get rid of limitations that we gathered through our lifetime.

We will learn the yogic Kaoshikii dance, that improves our physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing and is especially great for women’s bodies.

Join us on March 23-26, at a spacious cabin in the forests of Cable.

Thursday night 4 pm through Sunday 1 pm.

We can host 10 people WITH LODGING.

Lodging and sewing instructions are included. Choose NO LODGING if you are local, and just want to come for the day, and go home at night. 

I will have oatmeal, soup, bread, salad, snacks, fruit and tea available through the weekend. Bring a potluck item to share and whatever special foods you would like to have along.

What to bring: 

 1.  Food  (dinner potluck item, your favorite snacks).

 2. Headlight to sew by, or clamp lamp

3. Thread of corresponding color.

 4. Washed fabric of your choice. 3-4 yards. If you are tall, go with longer yardage. Natural fibers are best. Cotton, linen, silk or even wool. 

5. Notebook to write things down.


All the bedding and utensils, 2 fridges plus laundry are on site.

Linen fabric can be found on

Pay attention to density, if you want lighter fabric, go with smaller number of oz/yd2

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