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  • Argan Oil

    We offer this exquisite organic cold pressed Moroccan argan nut oil in it's pure natural form with no additives. This oil is great for dry…

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  • clay

    Bentonite Clay

    We now stock pure bentonite clay mined from the US. It is third party tested for highest quality and purity. Use 1 ts per quart…

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  • Black Cumin Suppositories

    Organic 100% cold pressed black cumin seed oil suppositories. Vaginal or rectal use. Moisturizes, promotes soft tissues, prevents inflammation. Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, 100% pure…

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  • Body brush

    Natural boar bristle body wooden brush for dry skin body brushing and massage. Use before or after shower, to increase the lymph movement and skin…

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  • Lavender mistHover Product Image

    Body Mists and Sprays

    Yulia's natural body mists are made with pure essential oils.  Choose between several kinds and sizes.  Lavender is calming, Lime is inspiring, Lemongrass and Geranium are very…

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  • Calendula Oil

    Yulia's Calendula oil is made with calendula flowers that we grow.  Pretty yellow flowers infuse the apricot kernel oil with its soft, moisturizing sunshine energy.…

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    Coco Sticks

    Handmade with the blend of organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, and vitamin E, our CoCo Moisturizer Stick is packaged in a convenient eco cardboard…

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  • Lemongrass Cream

    Lemongrass outdoor cream is your great addition for hiking, biking or any other outdoor adventure, where mosquitoes roam.  Lemongrass Outdoor Spray is a liquid form. 

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  • lilac hydrosol

    Lilac Flower Hydrosol

    Steam distilled organic real lilac flower hydrosol skin toner! Limited edition, while supplies last. Perfect as cleansing face mist. Prevents breakouts. Perfect for any skin,…

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    Linaria Cream

    Welcome this new product that has nature's goodness sealed inside.

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  • Moisture Plus Cream

    Check out our new herbal natural product for feminine hygiene. It is designed with herbs that support moist, calm skin where you need it the…

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  • Natural Body Lotion

    Welcome the newest addition. 100% Natural Body Lotion. Creamy, but light, silky and moisturizing. 9 oz glass jar. Refrigerate.

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    Choose between these handy all natural packages for your body and home. Free shipping on all sets.    

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  • Pine Tar Ointment

    Tough to do the job!

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  • essential oils

    Pure Essential Oils

    We stock the selected, most popular kinds of essential oil. If you purchase some single oil of Yulia's Mists (patchouli, lavender, sage, pine, fir needle),…

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    Rose Water Toner

    New skin toner for hydration! Delightful scent!

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