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Yulia’s Natural Laundry Soap was designed to provide safe, natural and clean alternative for all your laundry needs.  You can use it as pre-treatment for stains, for hand washing delicate items, and even make it into a liquid laundry detergent (instructions provided adding borax and washing soda).  Our laundry soap bar is made with just three ingredients: lard, lye and water.

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Each bar of soap comes with the instructions on how to make it into your own liquid laundry detergent!  Two other ingredients – borax and washing soda you can pick up at the laundry isle of most stores, they are $3 for a big box.  One bar of this soap will make a little over 2.5 gallons of liquid laundry soap!

Or get a complete Laundry detergent kit here [include link with price] (soap bar, borax and washing soda), that already has everything for you to start making your own natural laundry detergent!  All you need to add is water!  Recipe is included.

Ingredients: lard, lye and water.

Lard makes a very hard, long-lasting soap that has very good cleaning abilities.  It might be too drying for the skin, but perfect for laundry.  That is what our great grandmothers made and used all the time.  There is absolutely no grease in this soap, all the lard gets saponified into the soap.

What brand of liquid laundry detergent do you use?  Do you know that some of the ingredients can stay on your clothes and get absorbed through the skin?

Personal Testimonial
I personally switched to all natural detergent when I first got pregnant 7 years ago.  We also know a little girl with sensitive skin that got itchy a lot; she stopped itching once her mom switched to a natural detergent.  Commercial laundry detergent used to make my mother-in-law experience asthma attacks.  Laundry is a breeze for her now with our natural homemade detergent.

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