Shea Butter


Yulia’s Shea butter deep moisturizer cream is made with pure raw organic unrefined shea butter.   Scented with lavender,  lemongrass or sage essential oils, it is sourced from the African nut tree in Ghana.

Yulia’s shea butter moisturizer is naturally high in vitamins E and A and works really well for deeply moisturizing really dry skin.  It is absolutely the best moisturizer for your hands.  If you have cracks, rough spots this cream will make sure to moisturize them into oblivion.  It is also suitable for cuticles, night/winter moisturizer, treatment for extra dry skin anywhere on the body.  It can be used in baby diaper care.  Great on the feet after a Epsom Salt foot bath.  Natural alternative to a saddle cream for bikers.

It is soft enough to scoop.  Take a little amount and warm it up between your palms.  When it gets creamy and soft apply.  Cream is gently scented with pure essential oils.

Ingredients: pure organic unrefined shea butter, lavender, lemongrass or sage essential oil.

Store in a cool dry spot.  Keeps for a year from the date of purchase.  If allergic to nuts do a patch test.

And now large jars are available.  So there is enough for your whole family.  Save by buying big.


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Lavender, Lemongrass, Sage


2 Oz, 9 Oz


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