Facial Spray Toner Collection


Normal, dry or oily? We have it all covered. All natural Plantain, Lavender or Jasmine are here to serve your needs.

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Plantain toner was created to aid with your caring for an oily problem skin, that is prone to breakouts.  This toner is made with plantain herb and raw apple cider vinegar, both of those components have soothing and drawing qualities.  It also is astringent, helps to deeply cleanse the oily problem skin, leaving pores fresh and clean.

Spray some toner on a cotton ball and apply gently on your face or spray your face directly, and then remember to keep your eyes closed.

Use every day for deep cleansing.  Use for at least a couple weeks.  The skin might start to look more oily with more breakouts, it is a good sign that the skin is cleansing itself.  Use until the skin clears up, you will be glad you did!

While using the toner we also recommend washing your face with Yulia’s Black charcoal soap that is clarifying.  Charcoal and tea tree essential oil help the deep cleanse.  Addition of weekly use of Yulia’s Bentonite Clay Facial is also encouraged.

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, plantain, distilled water, lavender, sandalwood essential oils.

Try our Lavender Mist for normal skin and Jasmine toner for the dry skin. These two can be misted directly on your face for a nice moist aroma up to several times a day.

Net wt. 4 oz/113 g glass bottle with sprayer.


“I have very oily hard to clean skin, that always has peeling layer of the old skin on the surface…I did not know what to do.  Yulia recommended to wash my face with her black Clarifying soap once a day in the evening, then use this Plantain Toner after I washed and once a week apply Bentonite Clay Mask.  After three weeks my skin is clean, old cells are gone, and the oil level significantly decreased.  My boyfriend commented on how great my face looks now and I never get compliments on my skin!!! Thanks, Yulia, this is amazing!”     E. from Wisconsin

“My teenage son was having breakouts, and we started using Yulia’s Plantain Toner.  Together with Yulia’s black clarifying charcoal soap is it making a huge difference, the skin is clearing already!”   O. from New York.

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Plantain (oily), Lavender (normal), Jasmine (dry)


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