Arnica Cream


Yulia’s Arnica cream is made with five different herbs that are soothing for tired muscles and joints.

Ingredients: castor oil, arnica, calendula, st. John’s wort, mustard, ginger, beeswax, myrrh or rosemary essential oils.

It can be rubbed on the skin parts for soothing and comforting feeling.  Great after a physical workout or a long hike.

Use clean hands.  Avoid moisture getting into the jar.  Store in a cool dark dry place.  Cream is good for one year from purchase.  Keeps for 2 years if stored in the fridge.  Bring it to a room temperature before use.



I purchased some of the Arnica cream because I knew it was good for bruises.  A recurrence of tendinitis in my right hand/wrist made me to decide to give it a try and it worked!  It definitely soothed that aching tendon.  Later I tried it in a stiff neck.  More unexpected relief.  I gave a friend some to try on his arthritic knee and he, too, noticed an improvement.  Kind of miraculous!  Give it a try!

Kristine from Wisconsin

I ran 25 miles in a Colorado Dessert, training for a marathon.  I knew I would be sore the next day, so I rubbed my legs with Yulia’s arnica cream.  To my surprise the next day I had no soreness at all.  Thank you, Yulia, for making your cream!

Jerome from Colorado

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