Argan Oil


We offer this exquisite organic cold pressed Moroccan argan nut oil in it’s pure natural form with no additives. This oil is great for dry or oily skin, as it balances the PH, cleanses and tones the pores.

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Morrocan gold for your skin

Enjoy the golden color and nutty spicy scent, and richness of rejuvenating vitamin E  and Vitamin F with it’s linoleic essential fatty acid in this organic argan oil.  With everyday use, your skin will be protected from drying, wind, and sun exposure.  The oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin keeping it soft and smooth.  Berber women of Morocco have been using this oil for centuries, and they are famous for naturally beautiful skin.

A little goes a long way here – use a few drops by itself, gently massaging your face and neck, or add a drop of it to any Yulia’s face or eye creams and moisturizers.  Try adding a drop of lavender oil to your argan oil routine for added softness and calm. Or frankincense oil for lightening of the trouble spots.  Watch for a new video where Yulia will show an ancient Slavic face massage in which she will use the argan oil as a base.

The Argan tree is endemic to Morocco, meaning it only grows there.  Therefore this tree is quite essential to the life of local people.  It provides shade for barley crops, it’s strong roots help to keep the desert at bay, the tree leaves are the favorite food of local goats.  Your purchase of this oil aids the protection and support of the argan trees.  It also allows the Moroccan communities thrive.

If allergic to nuts, please use with care and do a skin patch test first.

Ingredients: organic cold pressed argan oil.

Net wt. 1 oz (27 g), glass bottle with a cork.

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