Herbal Tooth Powder


Very pleasant tasting herbal tooth powder. Suitable for kids.

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If you prefer tooth powder for your dental needs, here is it. Completely natural and mineral rich ingredients and herbs, bacteria fighting natural birch derived xylitol. Scented with peppermint and sage essential oils for a fresh cleansing experience. Tooth powder has gradual whitening effect. Safe for children.

Ingredients: calcium carbonate, white clay, birch xylitol, organic horsetail and rose herbs, peppermint and sage essential oils.

Apply on moistened tooth brush. Smaller amount goes a long way.

2 oz glass jar.



“Dear Yulia, I received the tooth powder and the toothbrush! I am delighted, the scent and the taste of the tooth powder is exactly what I wanted. I am very-very happy, thank you so much!”

Maryna from Oklahoma

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