Forest gift set


A delightful unique forest gift set is limited in numbers.

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This limited quantity forest gift set is inspired by nature and is full of real gifts from the woods.

Wild rice – harvested by us by hand from a real wild rice local lake.

Bag of dried mushrooms – assortment of lobster, honey, chicken of the woods, black trumpet, and lion’s mane – a true delicacy.
Red sumac berries – for a natural lemonade. Just use a teaspoon of them, and pour hot water. Cover and let steep for 10-15 minutes. Strain or use tea ball or strainer screen, enjoy!

A pine cone – make your own tincture. Just crush the cone into a half pint jar, add plain vodka, and let it sit for 3-6 weeks, shaking daily. Strain and use 1 ts per day, this extract is a great support as prevention or stroke recovery.

Birch polypore slices are a great way to make tea. It contains natural interferons, and great for reducing appetite and weight loss in general. It balances the nervous system and supports immunity. Pain management and inflammation control.

A jar of apple aronia jam, made by us with just 3 ingredients (our garden grown aronia berries, apples and honey).

Choose Berry Charm tea (made with local berries with added hibiscus for a vitamin boost) or Fireweed tea (hand fermented with wild harvested fireweed leaves and flowers) as part of your gift set.

Sage smudge stick, hand rolled by us, can be used (by gently lighting it) to freshen a room or space for cleansing purposes or yoga practice.

This unique seasonal gift set is presented in limited quantities.

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