Fall Women Weekend Retreat


Reserve your spot for this time to get together, enjoy soulful conversations and creativity! 


OCTOBER 14 – 16, 2022. Cable, WI 

Come join us for a Fall Women’s Weekend Retreat. A chance to join women’s circle, learn new things related to health and to enjoy good food and company. 

Stay two nights in a spacious rented 4 bedroom/4 bath woods cabin in Cable, WI

7 beds (2 queen, 4 twin, sofa bed and two additional floor mattresses).

Cost includes lodging and classes.
5 spots with lodging available, book early.
Food is not included. Bring your own or/and potluck style.
Herbal teas and snacks are provided.
Massage therapist on site, $60/45 min, sign up sheet will be available
If you have a place to stay/you are local, and you would still like to take part in our retreat, registration without lodging is also available.
What to bring:
Table top mirror
Weekend Program includes women’s circles and amazing list of health related practices and lectures:
Face Yoga
Lola Fransway from Lelya Rejuvenation and Relaxation is a Certified Face Yoga teacher (The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method).
Face yoga is a practice that focuses on the muscles of the face and neck and can help deter the effects of stress and aging on the face. It combines facial exercise with self-massage and acupressure performed to improve muscle tone & skin texture of the face. Your face will be glowing after this unique one hour class. Bring your table top mirror and be prepared to have fun.
Fall Herbal cleanse
After eating all the fresh things from the garden or market, walking barefoot, working in the garden soil all summer long, camping, etc… it is a great idea to make and capsulate your own fall herbal formula for parasite prevention. We will create the blend with Yulia for you to take home, and discuss all the benefits of each herb included. The herbs are also supporting after Lyme’s disease, anti fungal, cleansing for lungs, blood, digestion. If you have pets in the house, this type of yearly cleanse is highly recommended.
Elderberry Syrup
We will make an herbal elderberry syrup with Yulia, and you will be able to take a bottle of it home to enjoy this coming winter season.
Introduction to medicinal leech therapy (hirudotherapy) with Elena.
Elena Somova – 25 years of dentistry career, certified hirudotherapist, she has 8 grandchildren. She will discuss her life saving path to this FDA recognised and approved complementary and integrative treatment method of applying medical grade leeches for therapeutic effects.
One or more leeches are attached to the skin of problematic area and the purpose is to gain potential utilities of leech saliva, which contains more then 150 biologically active components, that are secreted while the leeches are on. Elena will explain to us the mechanisms of leech therapy, its health and anti-ageing properties, indications and contradications. You will be able to experience leech therapy in action if you desire (cost of one leech is included). Leeches are safe, sterile, and approved by FDA as medical device.
Elena will also teach us some diagnostic tools using our body, basics of abdominal self massage and lymphatic body self massage.
Nail board Therapy with Gulia Tes
Certified essential oil specialist, breathing instructor, Nailboard master and mom of 4.
Her mission to help women to be healthy and confident.
She will teach us a magic of breathing. Deferent technics to help relax and to sleep well, work with our own energy.
After breathing we will have an opportunity to try standing or lay down on nail board (provided).
💡So what is all this for?
❗️Health. Strong immunity system. Standing on nails allows you to relieve muscle tension, improve metabolic processes. By activation of the points nails have a beneficial effect on all systems of the body.
❗️Strengthening your inner self.
Find in yourself that source of inner strength that will allow you to move forward, betray confidence. Find peace, and learn how to pay attention.
Then she will show us a very simple anti stress massage of three points on the foot, one point on the hands, one point on the face.
Massage against stress has many advantages:
* Activates the parasympathetic nervous system. It is responsible for calming the heart rate, relaxing muscles, lowering pressure and restoring body functions after the threat has passed.
* Reduces cortisol levels
* Stimulates kidney function
* Helps to cope with postpartum depression – for this you can do a foot or back massage.
Neurographic art therapy session with Gulia
Neurographic art is a simple way to work with the subconscious mind through drawing. This creative method stimulates new neural pathways by combining art and psychology.
The theory behind Neurographica is based on the scientific study of visual thinking and pattern identification.
Neuro — means brain
Graphic — means image
Creating your drawing is a beautiful meditative process based in mindfulness. It bypasses the rational thinking mind and able to reach deep into hidden layers of one’s psyche. Your unconscious, ordinarily inaccessible, is opened up. New neural networks are formed in the brain.
The results can range from immediate insights and revelations to changes in your life that take place in the most unusual and creative ways. Since you’re working with the unconscious, you may surprise yourself days later with a solution that comes seemingly out of nowhere.
When we do something creative, especially in art, it reduces stress and encourages the production of dopamine in our brain.
And most important, you don’t need any special skills. Anybody can do it 
Areas of Focus
Inner Peace
Self Care

With Lodging, No lodging

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