elderberry syrup
elderberry syrup

Elderberry Syrup



We are done shipping the syrup until next fall. It does not like hot weather during shipping. Please come back after the cooler fall weather arrives.

Now Yulia’s organic elderberry syrup is available. 48 (1/2 ts) servings per bottle. Please enjoy!

Order two bottles, or choose Priority shipping. Otherwise it is impossible to guarantee the freshness, especially when it is going to warmer states. Thank you!

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If you are looking for a quality elderberry syrup, give Yulia’s new syrup a try! Made with all natural ingredients, elderberries and a blend of other herbs to support the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

Not a drop of sugar inside. Sweet, potent, delicious.

Ingredients: distilled water, honey, glycerin, elderberries, marshmallow root, mullein, rosehips, black currants, astragalus, horsetail, ginger.

Glass 4 oz bottle.

Take 1/2 ts per day. Or as needed. Holds 48 servings.



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