• Beeswax Candles – safe and uplighting experience. 

    I have worked with beeswax in my products (creams, lip balms, solid perfumes) for over 15 years. It is such a nice medium that is good for the skin, and also helps the reasonable shelf stability of the products. It is secreted by the bees’ abdominal organs, 8 glands that worker bees have. It takes …

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  • matcha tea

    Matcha – green powder with the great power.

    Matcha tea is a green goodness from the East. Grown and treasured in China and Japan these powdered tea leaves make a nourishing and cleansing beverage with the color of luscious green spring leaf. The leaves are stored in the shade, and then ground into a fine powder.  Benefits The tea is boasting with important …

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  • sweetfern tea

    Sweetfern tea – wild tonic in your cup

    Comptonia peregrina or sweetfern is the only kind of compronia that survived. Other kinds went extinct. It grows in the eastern part of the USA and Canada.  Not a fern It is not related to ferns, however the leaves look similar, hence the name. If you walk in the woods on a sunny hot day, you …

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  • bee pollen

    Bee pollen tea – your new natural energy drink.

    This bee product contains 150 mineral and biologically active compounds, amino acids and vitamins.  It supports immunity, balances the eye sight, digestion, and cleansing function of the body.  How do bees make it? The bees make it by collecting plants pollen, from flowers to tree and bush buds. They ferment it and store for the …

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  • chaga


    Chaga (Inonotus obliquus). Black gold Have you ever walked in the woods, and noticed this black canker on the trunk of birch trees? It looks like black charcoal from the fire, growing on a tree with rusty brown color inside. You have found chaga. It is a fungi that grows on birch primarily, with some …

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  • Goldenrod

    Goldenrod – sunny fall beauty – our inspiration for coming winter

    This time of year we have pretty gold yellow goldenrod blooming all along roads, in the fields and meadows. It is one of my herbal favorites.  You are not allergic to goldenrod! Its pollen is not wind spread, so lots of seasonal fall allergies come from blooming ragweed, which is a short herb that many …

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  • Wood sorrel – the Irish detective story of botanical error

    We all know that shamrock, or three leaf clover is a symbol and official trademark of Ireland, right? I thought that too. It is interesting how when brain hears something for thousand times it just assumes that it is the fact, or the truth…  Clover or wood sorrel? It all started a couple weeks ago …

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  • health day

    April 7th – the World Health Day

    Did you know April 7th is the World Health Day?  Let’s celebrate it as a way of life. We hear a lot about health and healthy lifestyle nowadays. I remember when my husband visited me in Russia in our first year of knowing each other, he said: You guys live so healthy! I remember being …

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  • Eating dirt? Bentonite clay miracles.

    Why to eat dirt? Once a year I try to do a cleanse that involves eating dirt:-) Or calcium bentonite clay to be precise. It is mined in the hills of Colorado and Texas, and purified for internal consumption.  The Smectite family of clays, which includes Bentonites, are called “living clays” because of their ability …

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  • Christmas Tree for dinner?

    Cut or not to cut? This year I had a dilemma. We had a chance to cut a nice fir from our own woods to serve as holiday decoration and inspiration. But I was hesitant. If million of people cut their trees every December, we have million trees less on our planet. The other choice was …

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