Ten arm doll slavic
Ten arm doll slavic

Slavic Charm Rag Dolls



Many cultures have an ancient tradition of making some sort of rag dolls.  In Slavic countries including Russia, these dolls were always very popular and are going through a new wave of recognition right now.  We are bringing the tradition back and sharing with you the wisdom of using them in different situations.  The dolls are not just for the kids you know! These Slavic Rag Dolls are charms that bring joy, prosperity, calm, healing, fun, and positive transforming energy to your home or space.  Russian dolls have no facial features, as we believe that this way the doll will stay protected from outer forces, and also you can imagine at any moment if the doll is happy or sad.  The dolls are made with natural materials only – cotton fabric, cloth or herbal fillers, and sheep’s wool.  We have a limited quantity of each.  So if you want one, get it NOW.
Here is my Slavic Charm Doll youtube video.

Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions6 x 4 x 1 in

Slavic Herbal Doll (Travnitcha), Slavic Spring Doll (Vesnyanka), Slavic Harvest Doll (Pokosnitcha), Slavic Calming Doll (Uteshnitcha), Slavic Boy Doll, Slavic Birds of Happiness (Ptitcha Schast’ya), Slavic Bell Dolls (Kolokol’chik), Slavic Baby Charm Doll (Pelenashka), Angel, Slavic Nursing Doll (Kormilitcha) – out of stock

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