Black elderberry super power or how to survive a flu

This spring when the winter was almost over, suddenly and unexpectedly we got hit with the Influenza type A that was going around.  Last time we were sick like this was 9 years ago.  I like to use natural remedies and letting my body take care of viruses.  So I just drank blackcurrant jam tea, and a lot of fresh maple sap.  On the day three I woke up at 2 a.m.not feeling well at all. I went to the kitchen and turned the lights on.  Then I heard the voice inside my head:  Elderberry, elderberry…  That is how the herbs talk to me.

I woke up feeling somewhat human again

So I heated up some water, and got out my elderberry tincture (alcohol berry extraction) that I made in 2013.  After adding two droppers full (about 30 drops) of the tincture to a cup of hot water, I drank it and went straight to bed. I slept great and sweated out a great deal. Upon waking, I was feeling somewhat human again, and my headache, chills and aches were gone.  I continued to take elderberry tincture for the next several days, rapidly improving.  I also rubbed my chest with rendered bear fat that I had.  Most animal fats are great at helping support respiratory health. Imagine a bear eating so many roots, herbs, berries and nuts that his fat becomes highly nutritious and medicinal.  I continued to sweat at night, expelling the virus out.  It took another several days after to feel strong and back to normal again.

Black Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra) is full of antioxidants, vitamins C, A, B6, iron, potassium, flavonoids (quercetin, rutin), phenolic acid, mucilage, resin and anthocyanins, that contain immune stimulating properties.  It brings the blood to the surface, bringing on the sweating, and helping your body to kill the virus.

Elder opens all tubes in the body, increasing oxygenation

Elder opens all tubes in the body (skin, lung, colon, kidneys, blood vessels) increasing oxygenation, blood flow, perspiration and elimination by the colon and kidneys.  It is relaxant, decongestant and dissolver and a great remedy for coughs and croup. It works with convulsions and epilepsy, clears the headaches, sinus infections and the brain fog.  Great for anemia as a blood builder.  Research shows that it kills many kinds of influenzal viruses and especially helpful as a preventative.  It also helps with West Nile virus.  In Russia and Bulgaria people make a syrup that is 1:1 elderberries and sugar, and let it infuse for several weeks.  The final syrup is taken 1 ts (kids) to 1 Tb (adults) after each meal for 2-3 month with the great results in cancer healing protocols.

We have black elderberry growing here in Northern Wisconsin, it blooms in June and berries are ripe in September.  Sometimes it likes to grow close to the water.  The leaves, flowers and bark are also medicinal.  The 100 year old remedy is to wrap your head with elderberry leaves in a case of a headache and get a quick relief.

Make sure you wait until the berries are ripe before harvesting, to verify that they are blue-black in color and not red (like red elderberry, which is poisonous).

“Flu is the virus that nature gives us in order for our bodies to get stronger”

In the midst of my flu challenge, I needed some inspiration that would help me to get through.  I found a Russian medical doctor, PH.D. Natalia Tolokonskaya.  She was talking about the flu with the great admiration.  She mentioned that flu is the virus that nature gives us in order for our bodies to get stronger. It boosts, strengthens, regenerates and modulates our immune system to a completely new level.  It comes on fast, blooms with the fever, and if we let it run it’s course without using over the counter fever reducing agents,  we are doing our body a great favor.

Fever in a healthy body indicates an invader,  a virus or bacteria, that our wise body is trying to burn off.  If we continuously lower this fever artificially we are interfering with a nature’s plan.  Flu is an awesome detox on many levels; it is like seven saunas, that you don’t need to take and you still sweat.  Skin on my face and lips was peeling,  I was surprised and joked that I didn’t need any peeling procedures after this.  Plus I lost a few pounds.

Many times it is so great to go with the flow, and support your body’s efforts in creating healthier, stronger self.  Elderberry, thank you!

If you are curious about what rich burgundy purple black elderberry tea tastes like, check it out here.

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