Pine Elixir

What do you do in the midst of  Wisconsin’s icy snow storm at the end of April?  You cheerfully go outside and collect freshly frozen pine needle clusters that are glistening in a crystal clear armor of ice.  You collect it all, pine needles and ice, as icy water is structured water.  During freezing water molecules join together in a hexagonally structured single layer sheets,  that are very beneficial for your body.  It is known that the healthy cells are surrounded with structured water, and unhealthy ones are not.  So that structured water is optimal for normal functioning of the cell.  Pine needles are filled with goodness too.  High in vitamin C (up to six times more that lemons, hey, Wisconsin can grow vitamins, right?), vitamins A, B and K.  Tannins, resin and flavonoids plus chlorophyll and iron.

Think about how powerful and majestic mature pines can be

You blend it together with a splash of water, and one apple until smooth.  It becomes fresh lemony coolness, that picks you up immediately.  You pucker at all the vitamins you are getting, and you are very grateful.  Pine energy is great for first signs of colds, cough, clearing the old phlegm, increasing the immunity.  During hard times people protected themselves from scurvy with pine needles used as food.  Think about how powerful and majestic mature pines can be, and it shares it’s strength with you, when you taste the needles.

If you accidentally get covered with pine pitch, be happy as it is a nature’s liquid bandage, that can protect cuts, scrapes, and even expel foreign objects.  The Native American tradition has it that if you seal a problem spot with sap, it forces the splinter or a foreign object to come out the next day by it’s drawing power.

Pines are also known for their forest therapy work.  They contain phytoncides – antimicrobial volatile organic compounds, that keep the air free of pollutants and clear your breathing.  Think about adding it to you daily diet if it grows near you.  Get yourself a cup, it is just waiting outside…


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  1. Joy

    I learn a lot from you. Thank you, Yulia!

    1. Yulia

      Thank you Joy, I am happy to be helpful!

  2. Calisa

    Very interacting! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yulia

      Calisa, you are welcome!

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