Oil Pulling

The winter is upon us and sometimes it brings colds. What can we do to minimize the exposure? Oil pulling…

I like to use this method at the first sign of a scratchy or sore throat. Oil pulling is done using coconut (organic if you have it) or sunflower seed oil. Simply take one table spoon of oil in your mouth and start swishing it around for 5-15 minutes. I usually set up a timer. These two oils have pulling powers. Consequently, sunflowers were planted in Chernobyl, Ukraine and they pulled a lot of radiation out of the soil there.

Most things enter our bodies through the mouth and pass it’s defense systems (membranes, tonsils, etc). These oils pull out viruses, inflammation and potentially even pain. They cleanse the mouth, throat, nose and ear passages. If you have a toothache, gum problems, earache, or stuffy nose you can start oil pulling. If you do it with regularity, it could also increase the body’s general immunity.With daily use it may even help let go of allergies, insomnia, migraines, bronchitis, and sinus infection.

In India, oil pulling is an ancient Aurvedic tradition

In India, oil pulling is an ancient Aurvedic tradition, it is called kavala or gundusha. People there do it twice a day – the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and the last thing before bed. They like how it gets the mouth smelling very fresh, and how it also whitens the teeth.

As you swish the oil gets thicker. When you are done, spit it out into a garbage can or on the ground – do not swallow! It is reported that it could be so full of toxins it could actually eat the porcelain finish on your sink. The oils also possess antibacterial and antioxidant powers, they have vitamins E, A, D, and K. Therefore these beneficial components get absorbed through the vein under your tongue and restore and cleanse your body.

It might be possible to get a headache the first 2-3 days you are doing it – this may be what is called a detox headache. You can do oil pulling any time of the day. Furthermore, you could add one drop of clove, eucalyptus or mint essential oil for a more sensually pleasant experience. Some people report gagging or wanting to spit it out right away. This is normal, and takes some time to get used to.

When I do it a time or two my throat gets normal again, it is quite amazing, and I find the experience to be pretty pleasant.

If this sounds interesting, you may want to give it a first try and see what it does for you or recommend it to someone you know.

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