Soap Bag, Wood Dish, and Sponge


Look at the nice accessories that we offer!  Choose between Bamboo Soap Dish that holds two Yulia’s large soaps, real Sea Sponge, or a Sisal Soap Pouch.

Soap not included.

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Natural Sisal Soap Pouches are made with natural fibers of agave plant.  They provide exfoliating for your skin, not too rough, massage and increase the circulation in your body.  Just drop your favorite Yulia’s soap bar in it, and enjoy lather and exfoliation at the same time.  The large soap bar fits best, you can use the little bar as well.  Also you can add last bits of a used soap along with a new bar.

After shower or bath, wring the excess water from the bad and just hang it right with the soap and it will naturally drain and dry in there until the next use.

Sea Sponges are real living things, they are harvested sustainably and will provide luxury feel to your bath experience.  They have natural enzymes in the fibers that help keep them clean as long as you wring them out after each use.  They lather excellent with Yulia’s soaps.

Use a small sea sponge for cleansing your face.

The bamboo soap dish is perfect to hold Yulia’s soaps!  It can hold several soap and shampoo bars at one time.  It has 4 little legs, and 5 small draining holes.  Add this convenient beauty to your home decor. Size is 7×3 7/8×1/4 inches.

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Soap dish, Soap Bag, Sponge, Wash Cloth, Small Face Sponge


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