We prepared these handy gift set ideas for your inspiration. They are less expensive in a pack than buying separate, with free shipping. Pick between:

  • All Lavender (soap, lip balm, body and face mist, solid perfume)
  • Baby Set (unscented baby soap with calendula, calendula oil, plantain cream and lavender lip balm)
  • Yulia’s Sampler (Spotless beauty cream, magic seven eye cream, plantain and arnica creams round tins, lip balm and a solid perfume)
  • Clean Home (natural air freshener, kitchen soap, laundry soap, natural toilet bowl cleaner,
  • Forever Young (anti aging spotless beauty cream, magic seven eye cream, jasmine toner for dry skin, argan oil)
  • Men’s (natural hair shaving brush, shaving soap, aftershave, lip balm and men’s perfume)

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