Strawberry Facial Mask

Strawberries are great cleansers, they clean and close the pores due to salicylic acid, that removes the dead skin cells.  Antioxidant ellagic acid helps with maintaining health and youth of your skin. Astringent agents and vitamin C in strawberries help to calm and sooth puffiness and circles under your eyes and also help with regenerating the new cells.

Have you ever thought of rubbing a strawberry on your face to play a bloody monster?  It can actually be quite fun.  I will forever remember the face on my husband when we were newlyweds.  I came out of the bathroom one day and he could not believe his eyes. WHAT happened to your face??? Later when my boys were babies my husband used to warn me if I had a colorful facial on: Don’t go in the bedroom when our son wakes up from a nap, he might scream in terror!

We did fruit masks together when I lived in my homeland Russia

Now everyone is used to it, they just smile with the sigh of relieve when they realize it is fruit and mom is beautifying herself again. But they won’t do it with me! Why didn’t I have a baby girl? I was a fun daughter for my mom, we did fruit masks together when I lived in my homeland Russia.

So it is simple, just grab a fresh organic or naturally grown berry, bite off the end (or cut a little bit off) and rub your pretty face all over.  Massage it, nourish and infuse with summer fruity goodness.

Leave on for ten-fifteen minutes.  Wash off.  Wow, the skin feels super smooth, silky and fresh! Thank you dear Strawberry! Follow with light moisturizer (like Yulia’s CoCo Moisturizer).

I am going to have a goal this summer: I will put whatever berry is in season on my face every day! Except blueberry:-)

Once in the 1980 when my mom was having me at the hospital in Russia there was this one lady in there.  Her skin was perfect, just smooth, healthy and young looking.  Everyone asked: What do you do?  She says: I just rub all kinds of fruit, berries on my face any chance I get.  So there you have it, the perfect advice for helping your skin look radiant.

Remember,  you can eat your strawberry, cooked if you like, after you have used one enough, and then you can eat some more!  Wishing you beauty inside and out.  Happy Summer!