Yulia’s Slavic Horoscope Readings


Slavic culture has it’s own horoscope system. It consists of 27 energies (similar to 12 star signs). It takes into consideration both Solar and Lunar calendars and your date, time and location of birth. It is a very detailed description of your life’s purpose, karmic tasks, strengths and weaknesses.  Yulia holds a Slavic Horoscope Consulting Certificate and does online private consultations. Book your’s today! In order to do a Family Matrix, you will need to do your individual horoscope first.


You will learn how to turn all your qualities into strengths, and how to fulfill your life’s purposes. You will learn how to communicate efficiently and solve conflicts peacefully, and how to read and understand people and their relations better. You will improve the energy flow within the family ancestral matrix, learn patterns, and how to stop them from happening. You will learn how to improve health, financial situations, how to attract a perfect partner and have your desires fulfilled. You will glimpse into your family history like you have never done before. You will also learn what herbs, and activities help you to manifest your life’s purpose.

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