Mother-Daughter Weekend Retreat


Come to spend time with your daughter and other women and girls. Talk, craft, have tea, dance and play music. Recharge and make deeper connections. 



Cable, Wisconsin


  • Connecting to our ancestral feminine wisdom
  • Overnight stay in our eco cabin for mother-daughter.
  • 2 hour discussion on hormones, feminine health, fertility, adolescent challenges, menopause, breast health, common discomforts and herbal measures for all. 
  • Making a Textile Feminine Doll representing a charm for attracting energy for all women’s tasks in life.
  • Music and dance (bring your instruments and a skirt)
  • Snacks, and herbal tea
  • A gift sack with tea and Yulia’s lip balm for every girl (11 to 21).
  • Making natural women’s pads and discussion of alternative feminine care items and ecology.

Optional: creation of Feminine Charm Necklace in gem stones and silver, including moonstone, peridot, amazonite, labradorite and rose quartz (add $25 per necklace). 


Retreat, Optional necklace making for one

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