Yulia’s Loose Leaf Herbal Teas


Yulia loves herbal tea, and she hopes to inspire you to try our different kinds.  They are simply organic herbs that orchestrate many different flavor notes.  Here at Yulia’s, we believe that our bodies need all the different flavors: sweet, sour, bitter and salty, and our teas provide a wide array of scents and aromas.  FREE SHIPPING on select varieties: Spring Roots, Licorice Root, Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Passionflower, Horsetail.


Loose tea is great tasting

All our teas are loose leaves teas as we believe those are the best.  Hence you get to work with real leaves/fruits, connecting to them while you brew a perfect cup.  While you inhale their scent and feel their texture, you enjoy the tea drinking experience so much more.

Tea variety & uses

Grounding: all the roots.

Calming: get inspired by chamomile, lemonbalm, linden or passionflower.
Cooling: linden, lemonbalm, elderberry.
Nourishing green: nettles, horsetail, raspberry leaf.
Sweet: linden, lemonbalm, passionflower, licorice root.
Bitter: spring roots. Excellent for spring/any season tonic. Feverfew, great for calming headaches.
Sweet-bitter: thyme, great aroma, spicy taste.
Nice Sour: rosehips, hawthorn, elderberry, shizandra.
Sour-bitter: ginkgo, oldest tree on the planet, mental tonic, excellent mild tea.
Salty: horsetail, rich in silica.
Moist: marshmallow root is moistening, sweet, rich in mineral salts and pectin. Mullein – nice mild taste, very moistening and calming, great for kids, respiratory health.
Strengthening: echinacea, elderberry, nettles.
Energy: ginkgo, nettle, raspberry, eleuthero, shizandra.
Digestion: fennel, thyme, spring roots, lemonbalm

How to brew Yulia’s teas

Most of our teas use 1 teaspoon per cup of hot water for 10-15 minutes.  Slow extracting teas like rosehips and hawthorn require several hours (you can also try overnight) of brewing for best results.  Marshmallow and ginkgo, however, benefit from cool (try using room temperature water for brewing) temperature water infusion for several hours.
Licorice root can increase the blood pressure, so consult your doctor if blood pressure is in question.

Feel free to experiment and blend several kinds of Yulia’s herbal teas in one cup creating your own unique blend!  Use a strainer or a tea ball for brewing.

Yulia’s teas are packaged in a ecological cardboard containers that are light and durable, and easy on the planet.  Each box contains 30 servings of loose tea.

Net Weight 1-3 Oz., Net Volume – 4 oz.

Weight.35 lbs
Dimensions3 x 3 x 3 in

Chamomile, Lemonbalm, Linden, Passionflower, Elderbery, Nettles, Horsetail, Raspberry Leaf, Licorice root, Spring Roots, Feverfew, Thyme, Rosehips, Hawthorn, Ginkgo, Horsetail, Marshmallow Root, Echinacea, Fennel, Eleuthero Root, Shizandra

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